FlaggersPDX is a safe space for young men (18+ years of age) and men new to leather/kink/bdsm to meet, ask questions and gain experience.  Just like the hanky code, FlaggersPDX includes all kinks/interests that guys bring to the group.

While our focus is on young men and men new to the scene, regardless of age, everyone is welcome, no one will be turned away or made to feel they don’t belong.

Our focus for FlaggersPDX developed because we have noticed that there is a growing divide in our leather community between those who have the benefit of being a part of this amazing community and those new to the scene who for many reasons (cultural biases, fear, misinformation, etc) are apprehensive about taking the leap and showing up to a formal leather event.  If we don’t create safe spaces like these we risk watching our traditions fade, our community shrink, and the vitality, vibrancy, and potential of our leather community diminish.

We support pansexual, cross generational, queer, all inclusive spaces AND believe in the power of caucuses (targeted conversations among groups that share a common cause) to create safety, allow for deeper connection, and ultimately improve the health and vibrancy of the entire community.

One special note about the focus on men.  We embrace the power, right, and absolute necessity for all of us to identify for ourselves our most complete expression of who we are.  We embrace all our Flaggers.  If you identify as a man (regardless of whether you identify as masculine, feminine, gender non-conforming, trans, or pup) you are welcome.  Again we aren’t excluding women only trying to create a safe space for deeper conversation and connection for this part of our community.  Anyone is welcome we just ask you respect the intention the group was created with.